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Steve Jobs: The Success Story Behind Apple

Steve jobs is known for bringing a great change in the modernization of computer. He was an American entrepreneur, businessman and inventor. Steve jobs was the CEO and chairman of the Apple Inc. Also, he was a board member of Walt Disney. Steve jobs full name was Steven Paul Jobs.

Steve jobs was hard working and visionary entrepreneur. He had many ups and downs in his life. Still, he remained motivated to get most out of the technology.

Steve jobs also had his own startups named Next and Pixar. Next was the company which provides powerful computers for business and educational purpose. Pixar mainly focused on featuring computer animations using computer’s graphics. Today, Pixar is one of the important company in entertainment.

Early Life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: The Success Story Behind Apple
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Steve jobs was born on 24th February,1955 in San Francisco. His biological parents named Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, gave him up for adoption. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, a lower-middle-class family.

After few years, both Paul and Clara along with Steve moved to Silicon Valley. Thus, Steve grew up with the surroundings of engineers who were passionate in electronic gadgets and technology.

They always took a good care of Steve Jobs. Jobs, after had his education at Monta Loma school, took admission in Reed college of Oregon.

Reed college was one of the expensive college at that place. There, college fees were too high and Steve’s parents found it hard to pay all his fees. But also, they had committed to his biological parents that they would give him college education.

Steve jobs attended college just for one semester and then dropped out.

Initialization of Apple

Jobs started attending a group named as Homebrew Computer Club in 1975. There he met exceptionally talented guy, Steve Wozniak or Woz. He had accumulated lots of knowledge from meetings of group. He wanted to make a personal computer for himself.

Thus, Woz was working on making a small sized computer board. Steve started taking interest in it and realized lots of potential in it.

On 1st April 1976, Steve and Woz formed their own company called Apple Computer Company. Initially, they developed parts of Apple I and sold them to computers dealers for money. Woz was also working on making a better computer with more features in it.

This advanced computer named as Apple II, was also comprises of color graphics. Jobs and Woz believed in this advanced gadget. They started searching for investors to make it more successful. Finally, they encountered Mike Markkula who was an intel executive. They persuaded him to invest in Apple.

Success of Apple II

Markkula, Jobs and Woz, all believed in Apple II computer. After it was launched, it crushed their all competitors and make apple one of the biggest computer selling company. All founders of Apple became millionaires. It also gave immense popularity to company.

Apple II proved so successful that its first-year sales worth $2.7 Million. Later, sales went on increasing and its third-year sales was $200 million.

Woz always believed in the concept of personal computers. This invention opened a new market called – personal computers.

Now, Apple needed to be ahead from its competitors. Thus, it came up Apple III and then Lisa but all went in vain. Since their sales was too low because of technical problems and poor marketing strategy.

In that time, their biggest competitor became IBM (International Business machines). After few years, Apple lost half of its shares to IBM.

Hopes in Macintosh

After failure of Apple III and Lisa, all were hoping for better results from Macintosh. Macintosh was the project which was headed by Steve.

In Macintosh screen comprised of small icons. They were selected by clicking them through pointer which was controlled by another device called mouse. But this model was lacked by some basic features which other computer had at that time.

Thus, this led to steep fall of Apple company and resulted in resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple.

Steve jobs' Next Company

After Apple, it was not the end of career for Steve jobs. He hired some brilliant engineers and employees and started his new company called Next. It focused in providing high quality computers for educational purpose.

Next’s product was user friendly as well as had great features in it such as clear screen display, advanced color graphic and good sound system. But, it was expensive and thus initially its sales were good then dropped gradually.


Here, Steve came with another idea which was to purchase computer graphic division from the George Lucas. Steve hired some brilliant engineers and formed a group and named Pixar.

All of them decided to feature a movie of computer animation only. But due to lack of appropriate technology they delayed their work.

Amazing thing happened when Disney signed with Pixar to make a full computer animated movie. They released ‘Toy Story’ and it came up with huge success. It made Steve billionaire in 1995.

Back with Apple

In the end of 1996, Apple buy Next. Then Steve came back to its own company which he founded.

Steve didn’t leave any stone unturned to make the Apple again a global icon. In 1998 Apple launched iMac and it made a great impact on markets and people. Its new user-friendly design just blew everyone’s mind. It changed the whole computer industry.

In 2001, Apple released iPod which played an integral role in music industry. It had lots of space to store songs. Its handy shape helped users to carry it anywhere with the long list of their favorite songs.

2007 was the year of great invention which was iPhone. It was the small device with multimedia features. It was termed as one of the best invention by the Apple to mobile communication industry.

After the huge success of Apple’s iPhone, Steve changed name from Apple computer Inc to Apple Inc.

A Bad Turn of Life

Apple had gained lots of money and reputation and Steve Jobs worked hard to be at that stage. But he couldn’t able to ensure his good health.

On October 5,2011, he died due to pancreatic cancer which resulted into respiratory arrest. That day took a great legend away from us.


Steve Jobs was great entrepreneur and personality. World can’t forget its efforts in the advancement of technology. Life offered him many wrong turns but he always came up with more brilliant idea to overcome it.

Once he said “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” This is what he believed in. He always tried to get most out of the technology to ease our life.

He changed the face of computer and mobile industry and give us variety of options to simplify our life. Though, today he is not between us but his great inventions always make us to admire his talent and capabilities.

Steve jobs
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