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Elizabeth Montgomery, The Bewitching Life of an Iconic Hollywood Actress

Elizabeth Montgomery
Elizabeth Montgomery in the early 1960s

Elizabeth Montgomery was a well-known American actress of the twentieth century. She left an unforgettable imprint on the entertainment business with her alluring charm and talent. Montgomery became a national name and a symbol of talent and grace for her role as Samantha Stephens in the iconic television series "Bewitched," which aired from 1964 to 1972.

Elizabeth Montgomery Biography

Elizabeth Montgomery was born on April 15, 1933, in Los Angeles, California, USA, to an entertainment-industry-connected family. Her father, Robert Montgomery, was a well-known actor and director, and her mother, Elizabeth Allen, was a successful theatre actress.

Elizabeth was introduced to the world of show business at a young age and acquired an interest in acting. She went to the Spence School in New York City before attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She began her acting career in the early 1950s, following in the footsteps of her parents, performing in different television shows and theater productions.

Elizabeth Montgomery "Bewitched" 

Elizabeth Montgomery earned the part that would define her career and make her a national name in 1964 when she was cast as Samantha Stephens in the smash comedy "Bewitched." Samantha, a witch, marries a human guy and tries to live a typical suburban life while keeping her magical skills hidden. Montgomery's portrayal of the amiable and attractive witch grabbed audiences, and "Bewitched" went on to become a huge success, lasting eight seasons until 1972.

Elizabeth Montgomery shown her flexibility as an actress throughout her career, taking on a variety of parts in television movies, stage productions, and films. She gained critical acclaim and nominations for awards for her work on many projects, displaying her brilliance and dedication to her art, Montgomery was well-known off-screen for her generosity and activism. She was a civil rights and women's rights activist who actively supported various humanitarian organizations.

Elizabeth Montgomery's life was tragically cut short when she died on May 18, 1995, at the age of 62. Her death was caused by colorectal cancer, which she had been battling privately. Fans and colleagues alike lamented her death, as she left behind a legacy of extraordinary talent, grace, and humanitarian activities.

Elizabeth Montgomery's contributions to the entertainment business and her legacy as a legendary American actress are still remembered and appreciated, cementing her place in Hollywood history. Her performance in "Bewitched" is ageless, and her influence on following generations of actors demonstrates her enduring legacy.

Elizabeth Montgomery Family

Elizabeth Montgomery was born into a family with deep roots in the entertainment industry. Her parents were both well-known Hollywood figures.

1. Robert Montgomery is the father

Robert Montgomery was a talented actor and director. He was born in Beacon, New York, on May 21, 1904, and began his acting career on Broadway before moving on to movies. During the 1930s and 1940s, he performed in a number of films, earning praise for his performances in both tragic and humorous roles. Later in his career, Robert Montgomery was a successful director, having directed several films. His abilities and services to the profession gained him critical recognition and awards.

2. Elizabeth Allen is the mother

Elizabeth Allen, whose birth name was Martha Elizabeth Allen, was a well-known theater actress. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on January 25, 1904. Elizabeth Allen had a great theater career, particularly on Broadway, where she demonstrated her talent and range in a variety of roles. While her film and television appearances were not as numerous as her husband's, she made significant contributions to the world of entertainment.

Elizabeth Montgomery's familial upbringing surely influenced her interest in and passion for performing. Growing up in such a creative atmosphere most likely affected her decision to pursue a career in the performing arts, eventually leading to her own renowned status as an actor.

Elizabeth Montgomery was married four times

1. Elizabeth's first marriage was to Frederick Gallatin Cammann, a socialite and heir to a shipping business, from 1954 to 1955. They married on October 4, 1954, however their marriage was brief, ending in divorce in 1955.

2. Elizabeth Montgomery married actor Gig Young on December 28, 1956, following her first marriage. Gig Young was an Academy Award-winning actor who appeared in a number of films. Elizabeth "Buffy" Montgomery was their only child. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 1963 as well.

3. Elizabeth's most well-known and longest-lasting marriage was to producer and director William Asher (1963-1973). On October 26, 1963, they married. William Asher was a well-known Hollywood figure who directed several episodes of "Bewitched," the show in which Elizabeth starred. William "Bill" Asher Jr, Robert Asher, and Rebecca Asher were their three children. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1973, despite their professional partnerships.

4. Elizabeth's fourth and final marriage was to actor Robert Foxworth (1993-1995). On January 28, 1993, they married. Robert Foxworth is well-known for his roles in a variety of television shows and films. Unfortunately, their time together was cut short when Elizabeth Montgomery died of colon cancer on May 18, 1995.Elizabeth Montgomery's personal life was filled with joy and heartbreak, but she will be remembered for her brilliance, grace, and contributions to the entertainment business.


Elizabeth Montgomery's professional accomplishments demonstrate her passion to her art, her influence on popular culture, and her endeavors to make a positive change in the world outside of the entertainment industry. Her talent and achievements have left an unmistakable stamp on Hollywood history, cementing her place as a legendary American actress.
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