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3 Ways to find the job you want within your

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 3 Ways to find the job you want within your, Image Source:

Even if you are given a job , do you only do the safe work? Or do you work hard at the work given to you by your boss with a greedy desire to grow ? Either way, you're happy with your current job. I don't think your future will be bright even if you focus your 100% on the task at hand. So why not find the job you want to do within the company? Learn from " capable women " and find the job you want within the company.

Learn from capable women: 3 ways to find the job you want within your company

1. Have a sense of improvement

Instead of simply doing the work given to me, even though I'm doing it calmly, this part is difficult to do, and it would be easier if it were a little more like this. If you have any thoughts, please suggest improvements. Even small improvements are fine. This will make you feel more comfortable. If it makes you feel better, others will definitely feel better too. People who always have an awareness of improvement without thinking, ``I'm embarrassed to say such a small thing...'' will be respected by their superiors, It is very important to be aware of many things.

It may be difficult to make improvements right away, but always keep your antenna up and make it a habit to make improvements!

This can be said to be very useful not only at work but also in private life.

Many companies ask for suggestions for improvement. Some companies recruit employees on a regular basis, and some even force them to submit improvement proposals.

This is an improvement that the company is paying attention to.

Let's actively make suggestions. A capable woman notices even the smallest details.

Even if women aren't "capable women," women notice more details than men.

By taking advantage of this and always keeping your antenna up, you will expand your horizons, increase the amount of attention paid to you, and be able to find the job you want within the company.

2. Communication skills

Recently, there are various communication tools that have become very convenient. During work, I mainly use email, fax, and telephone. When requesting work, it has become mainstream to request work by email, fax, or over the phone.

Furthermore, it is now necessary to leave proof that the request was made or that the request was made, and requests must be made by email or fax.

Once this becomes a habit, people will usually just send an e-mail even if they have a sudden request.

For urgent or unreasonable requests, even if you send an e-mail, the recipient's feelings will be completely different if you simply call and say, "Thank you very much," and there is a possibility that the e-mail may be overlooked. It also prevents mistakes.

If you're in the same company, it's important to go out and meet face-to-face once in a while, rather than just calling the extension.

A capable woman has excellent communication skills. Even if I don't have anything special to do, I place great importance on communicating with people in other workplaces.

A casual conversation can even turn into a job! Maybe it will be an opportunity for people to want you at your workplace.

3. Set goals and work

Exactly! A capable woman always sets goals. Are you so busy with your daily routine that your vision becomes narrowed and you complete your work without being conscious of your goals?
However, even if you suddenly hear the word "goal", you may be confused as to what the goal should be.
However, let's reconsider our position and work. Thinking about the goals you set for yourself will broaden your perspective. Every company has a management philosophy. Do you know your company's management philosophy? First, read the management philosophy once again and set goals that you can achieve now. It's OK to start from a small place! For example, meeting delivery deadlines, increasing sales by XX%, reducing costs by XX%, or being trusted more than anyone else for the sake of the customer.

If you have a goal, you will always be aware of it and be able to take action naturally.

You will be able to devote yourself to your work more than ever, and your work will become more enjoyable and your motivation will increase.

Setting goals will broaden your horizons and may lead you to discover new ways of working.


How was it? You are sure to find the job you want within the company.

By improving, you will get more attention.

If you can hone your communication skills and be able to communicate well with anyone, your current job will not only go more smoothly, but you may even get a chance to be invited to work in the department you want. I don't know.

By having goals, you will be more motivated to work, and you will be able to improve your work more than ever.
You may have become a "capable woman".

Your attitude and way of thinking about work may have changed, you may have found the job you want to do within your company, and you may be able to take action proactively.

And there may be juniors who are close to you and are trying to learn from your actions!

Once you find the job you want to do, I'm sure your work style will change as well. Because everything is so fun and enjoyable both on and off
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