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3 Ways to get your annoying boss to do what you want

3 ways to get your annoying boss to do what you want
3 ways to get your annoying boss to do what you want, Image source:

They don't work , give up on everything , give instructions that don't make sense , are nagging , are petty ... Working under such an annoying boss makes me want to quit the company! Sometimes you think that, right?

However, this is someone I have to work with face to face every day. I spend more time with them than my family or boyfriend.

If so, why not understand the characteristics of that " annoying boss ", build a good relationship with him, and effectively manipulate him?

Here are 3 ways to deal with an annoying boss

1.Treat them as if they were children

Don't you think that annoying bosses are often irritating?

There are some helpless bosses who are quick to blame their subordinates and get angry when things don't go their way. It is important not to think about things on the same level as such people.

For example, what a child did can be dismissed as ``it can't be helped,'' but what an adult did can be frustrating, right?

Therefore, when it comes to the behavior of an ``annoying boss,'' I recommend that you think of him as a ``kindergarten child'' and not think of him on the same level.

If you can't get enough of thinking about it as a kindergartener, it would be better to think of it as an "alien."

If your boss can't even say a single hello, it's hard to get angry if you think of him as an ``alien''. You won't be able to survive if you get angry with someone like that.

Just thinking about it may reduce your frustration and stress with your annoying boss. You will be able to avoid dissatisfied voices from your boss. So in the end, you might start to feel sorry for yourself.

2. Frequent use of “I’m counting on you.” and “Please.”

If your boss is a kindergartener or an alien, use it wisely to your advantage.

Avoiding talking to your boss or ignoring him just because he's an annoying boss will have the opposite effect. I use the words ``ho, ren, and so'' well, which are commonly important in work.

Although he is an annoying boss, he reports properly, communicates frequently, and consults with others.

It's not at all unpleasant to feel like ``I'm the only one you can rely on'' and your subordinates rely on you from your position as a superior. On the contrary, it will definitely make you feel important and needed by your subordinates.

At this point, it's important to not only communicate with your boss via email just because it's annoying, but to talk to your boss directly even after emailing. No matter how annoying your boss is, if you have more opportunities to interact with him directly, your relationship may become better than before.

And asking for a favor is also effective.

Instead of being ignored, say something like, "I would like to ask Section Manager (Director) XX to handle this matter...'' or "It didn't work when I said that. I'd like you to tell me...'' It has to be your boss! If you ask them to do something like this, they might do it with a smug look on their face.

Humans feel joy when they are needed by someone.

3. Always respond with a smile and express your gratitude

If your boss is a man, smiling is even more effective!

If you act ugly in front of your boss because you're annoying, your relationship will deteriorate further. Let's be an adult here and make sure to approach each other with a smile.

From greeting each other in the morning to nodding with a smile even when we pass each other. Men have a weakness for smiling. Even if your boss is annoying, if you make him more likable, work will flow more smoothly.

Even when talking about small business matters, if you smile and interact with others, they will never feel bad.

Next, express your gratitude! That's it.

"Thanks to my boss, I was able to smoothly convey my work to the customer!'' Thanks to your advice, I received compliments on my materials!'' Express your gratitude for something your boss has done for you, no matter how small. Let your boss bring out his or her experience, knowledge, and authority to the fullest.

I also appreciate it if you notice the little things.

When someone wears a new tie, try casually complimenting them by saying, "That's a nice tie,'' or  "That's a nice scarf".

If the patient looks pale, it would be nice to have a little consideration, such as, ``You look pale, are you okay?''


How was it?

Even if you say you have an "annoying boss'', the role of "boss'' is actually a hated role. Perhaps he is acting as a shield for everyone and accepting the role of being hated. Even if you change jobs because you don't want to work under an "annoying boss," a new "annoying boss" may be waiting for you.

In order to successfully deal with an "annoying boss," it may be important to maintain close communication, no matter how annoying it may be.

Please try the three methods I have introduced. There is no doubt that your relationship with your boss will be better than it is now.
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