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4 most effective communication techniques

4 most effective communication techniques
4 Most effective communication techniques, (Image source:

Have you ever felt like you weren't communicating with your boss or that your boss wasn't listening to you? Perhaps there is something wrong with your communication style or conversational techniques. Therefore, this time, I will tell you some communication techniques that anyone can use right away to make a good impression on your boss.

Learning this communication skill is the first step to career advancement! This will surely give you a satisfactory MBO evaluation at the end of the fiscal year.

How to communicate to improve your relationship with your boss

Is your attitude when dealing with your boss okay?

If you are having trouble communicating with the other person, such as when they are not communicating well or are not listening, the first thing to look at is your attitude before the conversation. Don't you think you don't like a boss who doesn't get along well with you?

Feelings that you don't like can be conveyed to your boss without you even realizing it through your facial expressions and gestures. Do you have a facial expression that says, "I'm listening with interest to what my boss has to say?'' Let's check it out.

Next, let's review manners. Manners are business manners.

For example, suppose your boss talks to you while you are sitting on your computer. At that time, do you stop, kneel down, and look at your boss?

If you are asked to take a seat, do you stand diagonally instead of directly in front? And are you taking notes?

Generally speaking, business etiquette is intended to improve communication when dealing with elders and superiors. Make sure you are using business etiquette correctly.

Are you using language that will be understood by your boss?

One of the important points in communicating with people is the use of language. Conversations will go smoothly if you pay special attention to the following phrases.

"I mean..." "Personally," "It's like..."

It is best to avoid using such words as they may be perceived as strange by your senior boss.

"Therefore" "Therefore" "In short" "Quick story"

This type of language that summarizes the other person's conversation can make the boss feel like the conversation was cut off without permission, or that the boss is being controlled or thinks that someone is in a higher position. It may give you a feeling of "I'm sorry".

Also, some people find themselves using words like "um'', "uh'', and "er'' over and over again during a conversation , which can also cause the other person to become frustrated because they can't get the rhythm of the conversation. You need to be careful because you tend to do this.

Do you and your boss agree on the results of your work?

If you and your boss feel like your conversations aren't getting along, it's possible that the goals you set at the beginning of the term aren't really on the same page.

A company is like a living thing, trying out new things every day and then stopping. The goals you set at the beginning may already be outdated in the eyes of your company (your boss).

It may be a good idea to check once in a while to see if you are currently working according to this goal. If you have a place to confirm this (such as an interim MBO report or a meeting), you should make the most of it, but if you don't have one, it would be a good idea to report your progress frequently.

If you neglect this task, the evaluation based on the target results may be incorrect. Also, there are many people who automatically change their evaluations, thinking, "I didn't achieve..." but I worked hard on XX, so I'll probably get a high evaluation.''

This is the type of person who feels stressed and complains because his boss doesn't appreciate his hard work, because of the gap in evaluation. Confirming the priority of the goals that your boss or company wants you to achieve is the first step to getting them to evaluate you correctly.

When you first decide on your goals, it's not a bad idea to directly ask your boss, "If you were given multiple goals, which one would you most like the company to achieve?''

Make the most of drinking opportunities

Any awkwardness in communicating with your boss needs to be resolved at an early stage. One way to do this is to make good use of drinking parties.

Because of the unique atmosphere and sense of openness at a drinking party, your boss may come up with things you wouldn't normally talk about at work. Even if there is something wrong with you or something that the other person misunderstands, you need to listen to it honestly without getting angry.

Be especially careful when rejecting opposing opinions or ideas of your superiors. Be sure to state your opinion by saying, "I was thinking.....''

Also, if you start talking openly, you will not be able to take it back if you get into a bad mood. It may be effective to explain the details of this event to a close friend within the company in advance and ask them to come in during the meeting.

For those who are not yet at that stage (of exchanging opinions with their boss at a drinking party), we recommend the following two methods for drinking communication.

First, let your boss know how much you enjoy this job. Your boss won't be unkind to someone who enjoys their current job. Let's talk about the fun with a smile.

This is also a bit... For those who say, this is the last resort.

Listen to your boss' old stories. However, this should not be taken as a boast.

Your boss's experience is an important resource for continuing your current job. At the same time, you can learn what your boss thinks and makes decisions, and you may be able to hear things you don't know about, such as changes in the company's structure or the history of the companies you do business with.

Please take the initiative and ask questions such as, "What kind of work did you do during your first year at the company?''

How was it. This time I introduced the boss, but it is also very effective even if you replace the boss with a senior with whom you don't get along well. Please give it a try!


How to communicate to improve your relationship with your boss
  • Right now, reconsider your attitude when interacting with your boss.
  • Choose words that will be understood by your boss, and be careful how you use them.
  • Make sure you and your boss are on the same page about your work results regarding year-end evaluations.
  • Go out for drinks with your boss and get to know him.
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