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Characteristics of women who attract men

Characteristics of women who attract men
Characteristics of women who attract men, (Image source:

I think there are many people who expect to "encounter" people at the office. However, there are times when the relationship ends up being just for work. In the office, men associate women's random gestures, habits, and behavior patterns with their private lives.

I can't continue talking. They gossip behind their backs out of jealousy. He chases her down with emotional complaints. You won't grow if you keep making excuses. You don't want to have anything to do with a stupid woman who can't do her job and causes you trouble outside of work.

So, what kind of women end up only having relationships for work?

Therefore, this time, I have summarized the characteristics of women who stop working when men draw boundaries. Are you ok?

A stupid woman who can't work is useless! Characteristics of women who attract men

1. Disappointing and unconventional conversation

Conversation is the first step in communication. Once we get talking, the distance between us becomes much shorter.

It's a basic thing, but if you can't greet or thank someone properly, it gives a negative impression that you're a stupid woman. It shouldn't be that difficult to say "thank you" and "sorry" casually. No matter what I say, I don't understand or I don't know. If you just answer what you ask, and the conversation always goes one way, it won't move forward.

If someone says, "I went to an art museum the other day,'' just asking them, "What kind of paintings do you like?'' will enrich the conversation. Even if you get to know him a little and he's open to you, he'll keep repeating "seriously!" or "I mean," or "personally," and whatever you say, he'll only respond in one pattern. If you can't do it, you'll be discouraged.

You may find it difficult to find common topics. It would be a waste to just make a weather joke like, "It looks like it's going to rain in the afternoon'' or "I brought an umbrella just in case.''

People who are good at conversation are good at hospitality. Even if a man is a slow talker, he will be very happy if he listens to what he has to say seriously. Great interviewers and hosts carefully research their guests, so they can bring out unexpected topics.

If you find a man you're interested in, why not gradually increase your own interview notes and expand the topics of conversation?

2. I don't want to get caught up in it! Too negative personality

If you can honestly admit that someone else's success is "amazing!", it is proof that you are in control of your own emotions. The way you get along with everyone makes people like you. Be careful if your thoughts of "That's nice" or "I'm jealous" turn into "cheating." You won't find her attractive when she's pouting and muttering.

For men, it seems that jealousy is often felt through work. For women, it doesn't stop there, it also covers personal matters such as her style, taste, family environment, and the annual income of her boyfriend or husband. Men are so frustrated that they start "talking about things'' and spreading rumors about things that shouldn't happen.As men, it seems that they are "scared'' and "don't want to get involved'' in response to unknown emotions that they cannot understand.

Once you get married and have a child, your relationship through the child begins. The children are classmates, but the mothers are of different ages. Once you start paying attention to differences in ways of thinking, living standards, values, etc., there is no end to it. You are required to skillfully interact with all types of people. Men can sense whether a woman has such skills or not, and whether she is stupid.

The more you have free time, the more you become concerned about others. I'm busy and don't have time! Maybe I can stay more positive in a situation like this. If you can find something you're passionate about and convert your jealousy into a desire to improve yourself, saying, "I'll do my best,'' you'll be able to overcome your negative self.

3. I can't keep up! Misunderstood professional

Women are becoming more active in the workplace, and it is not uncommon for a woman to be the boss. I admire female leaders who are willing to make mistakes and have a sense of responsibility, but the slightest mistake can be painful.

A woman who is too easy on herself and too strict on others is difficult to get along with, even as a colleague. He skillfully glosses over his own mistakes, but when it comes to other people's mistakes, he persistently criticizes them and doesn't let them go. He has an excellent sense of smell to find easy targets. She gets so emotional and angry that I think she's releasing stress, and people around her are frightened by her emotional anger, and the people around her ask her about her complexion, pay attention to her, and even make a fuss. She's someone you don't want to get close to.

What about women who are ambitious but are strict with themselves and others? Read carefully the books of managers and critics you respect, and try to imitate their stationery and the way they spend their private lives. I have a high level of motivation, so I achieve some results, but I get extremely depressed when I fail. They point out the mistakes of their colleagues and subordinates in a very logical manner, leaving no room for excuses. It's great to see her trying so hard, but she's always intimidated by men who say, "I'd hate it if they screwed me up even in my private life.''

If you can't "forgive" yourself, you won't be able to forgive others. Nowadays, the mainstream is to praise and develop both subordinates and children, so let's praise ourselves first. Give yourself some peace of mind.

A truly professional person is one who tries to look not only at the top, but also at the left, right, and bottom.

4. A character who keeps getting into trouble and never grows.

It's only at first that people think she's cute when she's nervous and confused. She always says, "You won't know unless you ask her boss.'' She should have taught him, but she keeps saying "because" and "but" and keeps repeating the same mistakes. She goes out for lunch and takes a long time to choose the menu. In order to partner with a woman who is "undecided," you need to be as enthusiastic as "I'll become Doraemon!"

Men's fashion views are surprisingly conservative. It seems that many people want their loved ones to dress as modestly as possible when outside. Even if you are working in plain clothes, there are negative points for fashions that are out of place in the office, such as tops with open chests, bottoms that boldly expose legs, and excessive accessories. If you laugh and ask, "Are you going out?", it's probably best to assume that they're just co-workers.

When you see the contents of your desk drawer or bag in clutter, you can't help but think, "Maybe my room isn't tidy either.'' You cannot entrust your house keys to someone who leaves important documents on their desk when they return home.

Popular characters in children's anime rarely age. Even if I fail due to the usual troubles, I can laugh and forgive myself, saying, "It can't be helped.'' I can forgive myself because I grow a little from my failures.

It would be better to think that the live-action version of the "troubled-chan character'' who never grows up is viewed as a sign of an unintelligent woman.

How was it. Men in the workplace tend to pay more attention to details than you would expect. Let's work hard to improve ourselves as women on a daily basis so that men don't turn us down over small things!
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