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How to work to increase income from the start

How to work to increase your income in the early aughts
How to work to increase your income in the early aughts, (Image Source:

Women who are able to work have a working style that takes advantage of leverage. "A way of working that accomplishes great things with less effort." In other words, if you can master the leverage power of moving the people around you even if you don't move yourself, you can easily make any big project a success. Naturally, if you are able to produce results at work, you will receive great praise and be promoted, which will increase your income.

So, how exactly can you involve the people around you to accomplish a big job? For those of you who feel that way, this time I will tell you about "how to work to increase your income.''

Please give it a try.

Learn from women who can do the job! How to work to increase your income in the early aughts

1. I keep a promise

In order to involve and move many people, you must be trusted by others. The first step is to keep your promises. Deadlines for work are especially important. The busier people are, the more likely they are to miss their deadlines. People will trust such people and people will flock to them, and as a result, they will get good jobs.

The time limit effect is used by people who meet work deadlines. This is a way to increase your concentration by telling yourself that you will finish your work by XX month, XX day, and not doing the work lazily.

Also, if you prioritize things, you end up in a panic, thinking, "There's so much to do...what should I do?'' and you end up wasting your time. There is no such thing.

In the unlikely event that you are about to panic about what to do, in order to escape from the panic, take the initiative to get rid of the "work that you hate the most and are likely to put off'', so you will not waste a lot of time. there is no.

People who are good at this idea keep track of their previous work by keeping it neatly organized on their computer, etc., and know how to effectively use the materials they created previously.

For example, instead of creating a report from scratch, you can make better use of your time by using the report form you created earlier and rewriting only the content.

Women who are able to work have many of these things prepared, so it looks like they can work quickly and have plenty of time to spare.

Meeting deadlines for work is a shortcut to increasing your income.

2. I know how to say no well.

Women who are good at work can easily decline a job. However, she doesn't leave any lasting impressions on those who are rejected. The point is that you value the other person's feelings. When someone asks her to do a job, a woman who can do the job will refuse the request as soon as possible. This is because refusing the request early makes it easier for the other person to ask someone else (and find the person to ask faster).

Also, when refusing a request, carefully explain the reason for the refusal without sounding selfish. For example, your boss suddenly asked you to do some work, but now you have your hands full! How do you say no in such a case?

It's not a good idea to say "I'm a little busy right now...".

A woman who is able to work will say something like , "I'm sorry, but I'm currently working on..., and I can work on it after .... o'clock (or after you like to work on it?''

The key here is not to give an ambiguous refusal. Isn't it possible to give a vague refusal by asking the other person for more? This may give rise to expectations, and in some cases, it may be misunderstood as a lack of motivation.

If you can't get to work right away, explain the reason (I'm working on....) and politely tell them that you can't get started right away (as well as express your regrets).

As long as you are working, it is inevitable to refuse a job, so don't be afraid to explain the reason (without being overly shy, slurring your words, or making too many excuses). It may be necessary to flatly tell them and decline smoothly.

I introduced the points to keep in mind when saying no, but if you keep saying no to everything, the other person won't feel good about it, and you won't be able to gain their trust.

If you do that, you may not be able to leave important tasks to us. Therefore, when you decline an offer, you need to consider whether you can change the priority order introduced in step 1 and consider whether you can include the job the other person has asked for.

It may also be a good idea to explain your reasons to the other person (maybe even talk about priorities) and have them think about it together.

3. Accurately perform the tasks requested

The overall image of a woman who is capable of working is one of someone who does the work that is asked of her.

This image can only be created if you are able to "keep promises'' and know how to refuse well,'' but other than that, how you are involved in work is also important. .

Women who are able to work do their jobs with the mindset that they can apply the experience they have gained from that job to other jobs.

Therefore, when someone asks me for a job, I will listen to them based on my past work experience, so I can ask them to explain 1 to 10 of the job, instead of having them explain the details of the job one by one. If you ask someone for a job, they will understand everything and start working, or they will ask you questions and make adjustments after listening to the first part, so from the perspective of the person asking for the job, it will be easy to ask for the job. It has an image of "giving birth to children''.

Also, I don't forget to take a break from work. There is no need to get asked to do more work later and become absorbed in work. By saying no, I am able to adjust my work schedule and create time for myself to relax.

How was it. This time, we focused on the most important point of tips for effective women who can effectively use people: "Being trusted by others.'' Without trust, people won't listen to you. Please, try it.


Learn from women who can do the job! How to work to increase your income in the early aughts

・Keeps promises
・Knows how to decline requests
・Performs the tasks requested properly
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