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Top 5 female specific problems that you want to resolve with lymphatic massage

Many people know that the much-talked-about "lymphatic massage'' is good for the body, but they don't really understand what it actually does .

Pathway lymphatic massage collects waste products and drains them out of the body,increasing immunity .

Unlike Western medicine, which treats people who are sick, Oriental medicine is based on the idea of ​​finding and improving the physical condition before the disease, or "pre-symptomatic illness''.

It is said that it not only has great beauty effects , but also relieves women's problems such as swelling and menstrual pain.

If you stimulate the channels and pressure points and improve the flow of lymph , your basal metabolism will increase and you can expect a diet effect .

lymphatic massage
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Top 5 Women's Problems You Want to Solve with "Lymphatic Massage"

1. Stiff shoulder

Whether you work standing, sitting, or doing housework, your shoulders get stiff.

When this becomes chronic, it can lead to headaches and other symptoms.

The shoulder is an important point for lymph drainage. If this area becomes hard and stiff, the flow will be blocked and excess waste products and water will accumulate in the body.

Improve now!

Rub your décolleté with your right hand from your left shoulder to your right armpit, and with your left hand from your right shoulder to your left armpit, alternating from top to bottom.

Next, rub your right hand from the edge of your left collarbone toward the center.

Rub the other side in the same way. Next, lightly grasp the entire surface of your neck with your palm and rub from top to bottom, alternating between left and right hands.

Finally, rub from below your ears to your shoulders and collarbones, from top to bottom on both sides.

Again, massage for 1 minute each.

2. Facial sagging/wrinkles

This can be improved with a body massage that increases Qi and lifts up sagging skin.

First, rub the inside of your legs, which I introduced earlier. Next, rub your entire stomach from top to bottom.

Now carefully rub the cold areas.

Finally, rub the face line.

Rub from under the chin to the temples from the bottom left and right to the top. Rub your forehead evenly from bottom to top.

1 minute each. By doing this massage, your body will be filled with energy, and your skin will regain its firmness.

3. Rough Skin

The causes of rough skin, such as acne, pimples, and dry skin, are caused by internal organ malfunctions.

By adjusting your internal organs with a massage and improving the flow of lymph around your face and neck, waste products from your face will be discharged, promoting blood circulation and achieving clear, beautiful skin.

First of all, massage to improve internal organs disorders.

Place your palms on the lower center of your chest and alternately rub both hands from top to bottom until you reach the bottom of your lower abdomen.

If your stomach is cold at this time, it will be effective if you do it carefully.

Next, massage from top to bottom from below the ears to the tips of the shoulders.

By massaging from below the ears to the collarbone, waste products are expelled.

Do this from side to side. Finally, a facial massage.

Gently rub from under your chin to under your ears.

Next, rub from the sides of your nostrils to your temples, and finally from the center of your forehead to your temples.

The key is to be slow and gentle. Aim for 1 minute each.

4. Sensitivity to cold

Many women suffer from coldness. Women tend to have weaker muscles and poor blood flow, resulting in sensitivity to cold.

Sensitivity to cold can also cause various physical ailments. Massage improves blood flow and improves sensitivity to cold.

First, let the blood that has collected in your feet flow upwards.

Massage from the inside of the leg from the ankle to the base of the inner thigh, then from the bottom to the top from the outside ankle to the base of the outside thigh.

A characteristic of people with sensitivity to cold is that their buttocks are also cold. Let's massage your butt as well.

Place your hands on each side of the border between your thighs and buttocks and rub your hip line, lifting your buttocks upwards.

Finally, rub the groin area from the outside to the inside on both sides. Carefully massage any areas that feel hard.

This massage will also reduce swelling and you will feel your legs feel lighter.

Each massage lasts approximately 1 minute.

*To put it simply, groin massage is a reverse version of Comanechi (lol)

5. Menstrual pain

Painful menstrual pain. If you have severe menstrual pain, you may end up relying on medication. Medications for menstrual pain are surprisingly strong, so you don't want to use them regularly.

In the first place, menstrual pain comes from a cold stomach. A cold stomach can interfere with the function of the uterus and ovaries underneath.

An effective massage method for this is to rub the inside of the leg from the ankle to the base of the inner thigh, alternating both hands from bottom to top.

Aim for 1 minute on each leg.

Next, rub your hands from top to bottom along your lower chest and lower abdomen.

Next, use both hands to massage your lower abdomen from the outside to the inside, taking about 1 minute each to flush away waste products that have accumulated in your stomach.

This massage improves the coldness of your stomach and relieves menstrual pain and irregular menstruation.

How was it?

By improving these five disorders, lymphatic massage is also effective for irritability, general swelling, diet, and constipation, and is said to prevent illness.

When massaging, use cream or oil to make the skin slippery so as not to damage the skin.

It is especially effective after taking a bath.

Maintain a healthy and beautiful body with pathway lymphatic massage.
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